Friday, August 1, 2014

// giving way to summer.

I feel the words escaping and know I can’t stop them. I hear them aloud and wonder when I became this person.The person that says things like summer is flying by, gone before we know it. It’s a broken record. And I feel like a stamp of adulthood. I swore this summer would be different--that I’d spend days in the sun, more barefoot nights on the deck, and that I’d eat more ice cream cones--there should always more ice cream cones. But summer is flying by and it will be gone. And in the midst of the moving and the settling and the hustling, I forgot to indulge in it.

It’s summer that brings me to feeling rooted, comfortable in my own skin. I’m not worried about my make-upless face or the dirt on the bottom of my feet or the way my hair curls. I can spend hours floating on the water without thoughts of to-dos popping into my head. I am content in the summer.

Schools are starting anew, teachers already in session, and that morning sun is taking a little more time rising than just a week ago. And I’m not sure when I let summer escape me. But now I vow to change that, give way to summer more. I will have dinner on the patio as much as I can, listen to oldies on the radio, read books under the lights, walk in bare feet, drink wine with friends, dip my feet in the lake, watch baseball, talk evening walks with the pup, and of course more ice cream cones. There should always be more ice cream cones. 

happy weekend + happy august xx.

photo - ann street studio

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