Friday, August 8, 2014

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We’re back into the swing of things, or at least finding our way there. Life is settling out and routines are forming. I can slow down and evaluate. Refocus, back on those things I lost track of. This process has been a bit overwhelming,and for the most part, out-of-body. Sometimes I hear my words, and my tone, and I cringe. I’ts harsh. I am a perfectionist, sometimes in the worst ways, and I have an inability to cut much slack. It’s an attitude I’ve worked really hard to overcome, a mindset I’ve dedicated a lot of time to redirecting. And somewhere between the boxes and the piles of laundry and the dog messes and the soap never in its rightful spot, I stopped working at it. I became a tyrant of soap.

Recently, I came across this article relating french lessons for eating to the home. It took seeing something written out for me to remember that life isn't better because it’s a picture of perfection. Life is about movement and filling up. It's moving and growing and changing. It's surrounding yourself with positivity.  It's the things that waft through our homes--conversation and light and wind and music. It's those things leave marks and stains and clutter on the counters. And it’s so so good when they do. 

happy weekend xx. 

sources: post-"5 'French Women' Strategies for a Healthy Home" by abby stone via apartment therapy

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