Saturday, April 5, 2014

Play Ball.

It's officially baseball season. Opening day here in KC may have been chilly and overcast, I know those hot plastic seats and sun burned thighs aren't far off. This time of year I find myself reaching for those scarves and jackets clinging to the last of the cooler temps, but dreaming of flip flops and tan lines at the lake. I find things to love in each season. I like living somewhere that experiences the seasons (even if sometimes those seasons all show up in one day). But summer holds a really special place in my heart. I blame it on a June birthday and my dreams of being a mermaid when I was little. A mermaid needs a pool to swim in and a pool needs some hot summer days. 

Anyway, this weird transition-y time of year has me feeling all scattered so I thought I would share a bit of what's been going on lately. March flew by--I think I spent more time in New Orleans than I did in MO. Which was fine by me. But I did find some time to run all over Kansas City by the end of the month. My mama's siblings came into town and we got to spend much enjoyed family time together, including a Sunday at the church they grew up in. The church closed it's doors after 60 years in the community and I loved getting to go experience that with my grandma. Last weekend, I also went to the creperie in town [amazing] and explore the vintage shops in the west bottoms with a dear friend. I went with every intention of buying but left empty handed. Eating crepes and catching up with friends is a day well spent though. 

I also finally visited Quay Coffee in the River Market with my dad. For as much as I love visiting any and every coffee shop, it's amazing it took me this long to get there. I am reluctant to change though, especially when that change is hot and dare I say trendy. I like my coffee shops a little quieter and a little more worn. Really broken in. With that said, I still don't discriminate when it comes to my coffee shops. And this was a good one.

This winter was a tough one, locking us up inside our houses--and while I have watched some good tv over the course of it, I am looking forward to getting out for more exploring. 

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