Friday, March 14, 2014

this space.

This year I've taken an absence from this blog. Explaining the reasons sounds like a laundry list of generic excuses. So I will spare you. When I started, I wanted an outlet for writing, for sharing what catches my eye, for creativity. It was my little corner of the world that felt safe and inspiring. But it wasn't that anymore. I was just filling the space.

I drift between mediums, usually focusing on writing and painting. But decor + design is the love I can't let go. Now, I am refocusing on this hobby and making this space a little more inspiring for me.  I'll be sharing a lot of interior decor + design inspirations here, as well as current projects and bits of my personal life. I'm excited to start exploring this interest a little more and to continue the process of settling into myself this year.

happy weekend. 

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