Tuesday, March 25, 2014

only in new orleans.

Gunnar and I ventured to Oak Alley Plantation about an hour outside of the city. This front walk lined with centuries-old oak trees is breathtaking. I visited this same plantation a few years ago and was a little disappointed with the lack time spent on or information about slavery on this plantation. Oak Alley has since added replica homes holding an exhibit dedicated to just that. On the wall of the last home were the names of many of the men and women who were sold, who were deemed to be less than human, who endured and suffered, the last name listed was "unknown". And I stood in this hut, listening to the cool Louisiana move through the windows, overcome with the gravity of these humans' lives. I am so grateful for this day that I was able to drive along the river and look onto those fields, to stand where they once stood, and remember that it was, and still is, so very real. 
My dad joined us Tuesday after some meetings, so we took to exploring downtown a bit. We tried to visit the Ogden Museum of Southern Art but after arriving to locked doors, headed towards the quarter. Canal Street is probably my least favorite place in all of New Orleans. It's mostly dirty and packed with tourists and cheap storefronts. But I love that in certain light it looks like a shot right out of the 1950s or 60s.  I think that's part of what I love about the quarter in general, is that in a lot of places it's just a cheap knock off of what tourists think New Orleans is. But unexpectedly around the corner, you find a little street nestled in the quiet and it looks exactly like it always has. 

We spent most of the afternoon walking down Royal, stopping in a few art galleries and jewelry shops along the way. Each corner seemed to be occupied by one musician after another. A couple of which I would have maybe lingered to listen to if I had been by myself. 
And finally this is Andrew's friend. He crows every morning over Andrew's neighborhood and while I love him out of novelty, Andrew really loathes him. Unlike I have ever seen him loathe anything. I think he's kind of cute though. This is just a photo of him hanging out in the back yard, and what you can't see here is the chicken coop just to the right of the frame. 

Not pictured here: Sunday night we went to the Pelicans game, where I think I was more interested than either of the boys. New Orleans isn't exactly a basketball town but I enjoy sporting events and I was especially excited to see Mizzou's own Phil Pressey playing for the Celtics. We missed the end of the game but from what we heard later, it was quite a good one. Go Pelicans! Also not pictured: a lot of eating of tacos, some gourmet hotdogs a walk around Tulane and a lot of me feeling off my game this weekend thanks to a serious headache. 

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