Wednesday, February 26, 2014

mardi gras 2014/1

there are a lot of places i like, but i like new orleans better. -bob dylan. 

sometimes i find my thoughts about the future drifting to new orleans. to living and writing  and raising my kids in that place. new orleans found it's way into my blood whether i wanted it there or not. the quiet moments drew me in, those moments far from bourbon street, the breeze off the mississippi catching me just right, and the dancing of the old oak trees. mostly, it's the people that taught me what new orleans is. in the same way that someone's laughter is infectious, so is the love new orleanians have for their city. carnival seems to me to be a celebration of that. the marching bands, decadent desserts, the colorful beads decorating the city, it's all just the convergence of everything new orleans is, and isn't.  everything that makes life worth celebrating. 

so now with a book under my arm and a camera in my hand, i'm off to join the party. 
let the good times roll. 

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