Wednesday, December 11, 2013

with the apes.

These are my sister's babies. The creatures she spends day in and day out with, caring for them, learning their personalities, their habits, their likes and dislikes. She calls with funny stories or stories about what the apes are experiencing in the way I imagine we will call each other with stories about our kids one day. Before leaving St. Louis a couple weeks ago, we stopped to watch the apes, to see what my sister does each day from the vantage point of the zoo guests. We watched as the chimps sat mostly calmly on their branches. And for awhile we watched the orangutans as one spit water playfully at another. But mostly we watched the gorillas. My sister has always loved gorillas, and now that she spends her days with these guys, we hear about them as if they are her own. We hear stories of their dynamics, their ticks, their distinct personalities. I've really enjoyed getting to know these animals through my sister and seeing them from a different perspective. And though we joke with my sister, a lot, about her being right where she belongs--in a zoo, with the apes--we're really proud of her.

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