Tuesday, November 5, 2013

finding a balance in inspirations.

Inspiration for me usually comes in waves. Sometimes so strongly that I struggle to reconcile how much inspiration I have with how many hours in a day are actually available. Balancing work and my creative interests in the midst of these waves usually means my energy wanes and the inspiration fizzles out. Feeling overwhelmed with this, I go through a drought. A brush in my hand feels awkward, I seem to forget how to form a sentence and nothing catches my eye when I look through a lens. It's a loop--a very long and emotional and exhausting loop--that just plays on repeat. Right now I am switching my focus from furiously catching all these inspirations before they flit away, to finding a balance. Or at the very least, a cycle that is slightly more leveled out. Part of this process is using pinterest to collect specific projects, recipes, places to visit, and products in one place that is easy to reference. I also use my tumblr to keep the images that pique my interest. A lot of these images evoke a certain response that puts me in a creative space, while others spark 10 different ideas. I have also always made an effort to keep a pen and some paper near me at all times to jot down ideas--this usually helps me sort through the ones I want to pursue, the ones I want to hang onto for later and the ones that I am just not feeling. Recently, I have also started to check-in with myself. I keep self-imposed deadlines on a calendar, as well as daily goals or projects. This has helped me find a drive to create that is much less manic and hopefully maintainable over the long-term.  

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