Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Last Friday, we bundled up for the first time this season to sit out and watch brother's football game. I wore layers and pulled out my warmest winter coat and my old faithful Uggs. I thought I was on top of this cold weather, but I was so very very wrong. By half time I stole my dad's mittens to cover my frozen fingers and sat shivering, sure that my toes had fallen off. When we got home, though, we lit a fire, turned on the local high school football coverage, and ate some delicious chili straight from the crockpot. Cozy nights, bundled up warm at home, those are the best reward after a freezing football game. Above are some cozy things I am adding to my wishlist this October.


  1. I love everything about this wishlist, a perfect representation of what's to love about fall! I need that hoodie and those mittens for sure!

    1. Thanks! I definitely agree :)

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