Wednesday, October 23, 2013

pumpk'n chocolate chip cookies, double the chips please.

Last week I made these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I love anything pumpkin, I know it's trendy with the pumpkin spice lattes and donuts and everything you could possibly ever imagine. But I love pumpkin so I just don't care. Give me pumpkin or give me death. 

This recipe was a keeper, though I made an edit or two. The beauty of baking with tried and true ingredients is that you can play around a little more and add things to make them your own. I feel a lot more confident knowing if the basic framework is there, I can do my own thing when it comes to the extras. I didn't have two cups of sugar on hand so I used one cup sugar and one cup brown sugar. I am partial to brown sugar. My grandma used to keep a large glass jar on the top shelf of her cabinet. I would always ask for a spoonful and she would carefully pull it down to allow me one heaping spoonful. It was never enough, though, I would always climb onto the counter to reach that jar and sneak a couple spoons. Every time I taste even the tiniest bit of brown sugar I am 7 years old sneaking spoonfuls at grandma's house. Those memories are really something, I tell ya. I also added a whole bag of chocolate chips because I think cookies are better that way. Next time I am thinking about adding some white chocolate chips--in addition to, not in place of, because that would be insane--just to mix it up. Or peanut butter chips, oh yes, peanut butter. Brilliant. There may be another batch of these happening tonight.

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