Tuesday, October 29, 2013

mizzou football | south carolina.

Columbia was a special place we would visit while growing up--we would walk the campus with our parents and grandparents, go to football games and basketball. It was a place that, over time, became like home. Now as an alum, returning for the homecoming tradition, truly is coming home. This weekend the University celebrated it's 102nd Homecoming. Campus was draped in clear skies, crisp temps, and beautiful changing leaves, as thousands of fans donning their black and gold filled the town. Revisiting friends and sisters who have moved across the country, Andrew and I reminisced and took in the festivities. Things looked like they were set to be perfect. And they were, right up until the fourth quarter of the game. Mizzou ultimately lost in double overtime. The most devastating sight for a sports fan is watching the visiting team run out onto the field, hands in the air, celebrating a victory. Still, there is no where else I would have been this weekend. The love and support and energy pouring out of those stands right up until that last snap makes me pretty proud to call that place home. 

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