Tuesday, October 22, 2013

mizzou football | florida.

There is a handful of Mizzou games I will be telling my grandkids about years from now. 2007 Goldrush against Nebraska and the never-ending wave. 2008 Mizzou v. Kansas at Arrowhead, Kansas City--the image of Reesing with grass stuck in his helmet. 2009's Thursday night match-up against Nebraska, the city was soaked, the power went out, and Mizzou came up short. 2010 Homecoming victory against long-time foe, OU. Mizzou fans, college football fans, know heartbreak. We know what it feels like to come up short time after time. We know it's just a game, but we are invested. This is personal. I've been a loyal Mizzou fan since I was 3 months old. My grandparents were Tiger faithful, and they passed that on to my father, and he to me. Mizzou is personal. But I didn't expect much for the season. I firmly stood behind the decision to move to the SEC. I'm a sucker for tradition and the SEC is deeply rooted in their tradition. I'm a firm believer that if you play against the best, eventually, you'll play at a higher level as well. Mizzou has never asked for my opinion, I won't claim any understanding or responsibility for their decisions to move but I will support this team, through season after season of disappointments and embarrassments. And I will sure as hell be cheering as loud as my little lungs will allow for all of their successes. This team had something to prove against Florida, not for the naysayers, but I think for their own fans, and for themselves. This is personal. I think this 2013 Florida game, our SEC home opener and the year of the gator chomp, will be a game for the ages. 

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