Friday, October 25, 2013

dogs on the brain + a homecoming.

We have a big, beautiful, sweet-as-pie yellow lab. But he hates cuddling, isn't really into sitting still or being touched. His counterpart, Ellie, who we lost this summer, was the lover. She was always craning her neck back to see you and to give out kisses, always lifting her paw in want of affection. There are rare days when Beau won't leave my side and he sits quietly at my feet. But those days have become rarer over the recent years. For the most part, Beau just wants to play. He is most content then. Running until he physically can't run anymore. I've always had pets, but most of them were lovers. My boy Benton, who came to us as a stray, would serve as my pillow most days, and my cat Piper, she just wants to lay on your chest. She just wants to be loved. It's amazing how disconnected I feel sometimes when there isn't an animal sitting at my side. 

That has nothing to do with this weekend, just something I had on my mind this week. As for this weekend...

Andrew is in town. We're spending the day enjoying some Kansas City fall festivities then we will be bundled up to watch brother's final regular season football game. I am imagining a roller-coaster of emotion, tonight. And always keeping my fingers crossed that we can prolong this season in our lives for as long as we can. The rest of the weekend will be spent in Columbia for Mizzou's homecoming festivities. There are so many things I love about Columbia, especially the energy surrounding homecoming weekend.

And just for a fun, a little list about Mizzou that melts my little heart. Happy weekend.

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