Tuesday, October 15, 2013

decorating inspirations | 3.

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My grandparents family room was the center of their home, it was the room where my grandpa would sit in his chair and yell "boo" as we ran by on our way from the kitchen to the basement and back again. Where we would hug and kiss greeting and saying our good-byes, where the door that led to summers in the backyard stood. It was where our stockings were hung each year with care, and is where so many of my childhood memories still reside. It's distinct feature was a white ceiling with dark wood beams. I must have seen these beams a million times before stopping to realize just how beautiful they were. I think it's these memories that draw me to wood beams on a ceilings. Something about the sight of those above me immediately makes me feel safe and at peace. I think for that reason, I'll never tire of this element.

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