Wednesday, September 4, 2013

read | the paris wife.

While traveling to New Orleans a couple weekends ago, I found myself pretty uninterested in the book I brought along. And facing a 2 hour layover (which was extended to 4 with a 2 hour delay) between St. Louis and Louis Armstrong International, I picked up The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. If I am being honest, I had written this book off after seeing it pop up a few places. Bestseller? Sappy love story? No thanks, dude. I am a book snob. We all have our flaws.

This historical novel is the story of Ernest Hemingway's first wife, Hadley Richardson, following the historical story arch of the relationship from their first meeting to their bitter fall. McLain fills in the gaps, though, with her imagination--conversations, intimate moments, thoughts and emotions--to paint a vivid picture of this doomed relationship.Within a few pages, the descriptions of Paris--which reminded me of New Orleans-- sucked me in. I may or may not have read half of the book before landing in New Orleans. Then, I may or may not have had to turn off the overhead light on the flight home so no one would see the tears in my eyes. I am apparently a sap for a good love story.  

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