Thursday, August 29, 2013

8 years later.

Eight years ago today, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Southeastern Louisiana. I remember sitting in my sociology classroom, a senior in high school, watching the story unfold. Louisiana was a million miles away and I couldn't begin to understand the struggle that Katrina would cause. A devastating storm, lives lost and thousands of people suffering through the most horrific events--trapped in attics, without help or rescue, prisoners left on overpasses in the violent Gulf sun. I didn't have any experience with New Orleans, and wouldn't until nearly 5 years later. I didn't see the damage first hand, I didn't help rebuild her and I certainly can't understand the hopelessness or loss felt as the waters from behind the levees filled the streets. In the damage, Katrina taught us what New Orleans already knew--that it's people are strong, they are resilient and they are beautiful.

I am grateful to have the glimpse I have into the soul of New Orleans. The work in New Orleans is far from over, and still they persevere. My heart prays for those New Orleanians still rebuilding, for those moving on and for those lost in the wake of Katrina. 

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