Monday, July 1, 2013

getaway dreaming | cape cod for the fourth.

I fell in love with Cape Cod a few summers ago during a family vacation to Massachusetts/Connecticut. The quintessential, all-American little town. Steeped in history, iconic views and memories that seem to belong to all of America, and picturesque views. We spent the day walking through Hyannis Port, enjoying buckets (and buckets) of steamers, and eating fresh lobster on the water. Slated for sailing out of the harbor in front of the Kennedy compound earlier that day, our plans were abruptly changed by a forming storm. Instead, we were able to walk along the beach, to soak in the beautiful views, the peace, and take in a little bit of that family--if even just for a moment. Each summer I dream of going back and being able to spend my days there. And there would certainly be no better time to experience the Cape than over the Fourth of July. 

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