Wednesday, June 26, 2013

currently reading | shucked.

Shucked is a memoir. It is a documentary of the oyster's life and the farming process. It is an intimate look at the people behind the food. It is deeply personal. And it is far less like what one would imagine a book about oyster farming might be, and much more akin to a conversation over tea with an old friend. Erin Byers Murray left behind a somewhat pampered and glamorous Boston life for grueling days spent on a small New England oyster farm. For a year and a half, she completely altered her career, her life, to explore the farm-to-table process of oyster farming, in the hopes of finding something a little more meaningful in her own life.

I am a food-lover, an oyster lover, and am generally interested with things related to the two. For me, Murray was informative and completely engaging, regaling me with stories of life on the oyster farm, the relationships she formed, and how this move--seemingly uprooting her entire life--was exactly the move she need to make. I felt the relationships she formed, the affection she felt for her oyster family, the sibling-like rivalry, and the bonds built over those oysters. I felt her new-found appreciation for the oysters, this appreciation born of the affections and respect she felt for the people who worked so hard to raise and provide those oysters. And I so desperately longed to be at the tables she sat breaking bread with these people--sitting on crates, eating off of paper plates, and enjoying every minute of it. I also can't stop thinking about buying myself a pair of green Hunter Wellies. I'll blame Murray and the oysters.

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  1. AnonymousJune 26, 2013

    Sounds very interesting, brit! I always look forward to your book suggestions because they are usually spot on for something I would enjoy! And I need a good book to read and take with me on a trip, so thank you! Also, the green wellies........I have some with snake print, and flags, and zebra print on them. Just borrow mine, you work hard and be fashionable, too!:) I bought them for Africa(never went) but have loved wearing them on rainy days here!:)