Thursday, May 16, 2013

a note to my sister.

My little sister is graduating from Mizzou this weekend. Hard to believe. We were not too long ago just little girls running through the backyard. Her probably digging in the dirt and pretending to be a veterinarian or own a zoo, and me probably bossing her around. Then we grew up. One day we weren't so little anymore. One day we were both in college, me a senior and her a freshman. We met up for football games and Indian food downtown until we couldn't even sit up. I asked for swipes at the dining hall and spicy chicken sandwiches after hours. And she always had me watching out for her, even if she didn't know it. Mizzou has this way of making me a little emotional, a little nostalgic. For my grandparents, my childhood, and my own college experience not too many years ago. And now thinking about that year I got to share with my sister. One more chapter we were so lucky to get to stand beside one another.

I am so proud of you, sister. For your accomplishments, for following your unconventional dreams, for never wavering, even when it was a little scary or overwhelming. And I am very selfishly sad to see this chapter close (who is going to go to the football games with me? Where am I going to stay when I need a Columbia fix? And why are you moving so far away?), I am so proud of and excited for you. We have many Cuban coffees and other adventures ahead of us.

Congratulations, darling sister. I love you. M-I-Z.


  1. Well now I'm crying. I love you sister!

  2. Of course you are :) I love you too!

  3. OK....well I'm crying for sure. So proud of you both! Congratulations Calahan, you did it!! I love you both!