Thursday, April 4, 2013


Growing up, overalls were a staple piece in our house.  My mom had them, I had them, sister had a matching pair (if you only you could see the velvet shirts and headbands we sported with our overalls--it was not a period of good fashion for us), and I remember my baby brother sporting an assortment from denim to linen pastel striped (in his defense he was two, and wore them to my aunt's wedding, and he was adorable). And Dad? Yeah, he rocked them--and still does much to my dismay.  And of course, Kelly Kapowski, Rachel Green, and Joey Potter--my favorite TV ladies--loved them some overalls. They were everywhere, until they were very emphatically un-cool. And they stayed that way for awhile. The last few years, though, have brought a resurgence of 80s and 90s trends: neon, peplums, paint splatter, tapered legs, leggings as pants, high-waists, jumpers/rompers, and yes, overalls. You name it. Some of these trends I love (ahem, leggings are too comfortable to say no to) and some I avoid (neon is not my color), but where do I fall on the debate of overalls? Oh-so-chic on some ladies, and oh-heck-no on some. I think for me, my overalls will remain a thing of past family pictures and nostalgia. (These might just be the pair to change my mind, though.)

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